Air filling and nitrox

Air quality is crucial for safe diving. To fill air or nitrox bottles, we use special compressors that filter the air and remove impurities.

We ensure that compressor filters are kept in good condition and changed regularly to ensure air quality. Furthermore, it is essential that the filling equipment is always clean and well stored to avoid air contamination and possible health problems during diving.

Divers who use nitrox need to pay even more attention to air quality, as this gas is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen with different concentrations than those found in atmospheric air. Any contamination in the filling process, depending on the proportions of gases present in the mixture, may compromise diving safety.

Therefore, we invest in quality equipment and maintain strict maintenance to ensure the safety of divers during diving.


Bottle filling with air:

12 liters: 8.00€

15 liters: 10.00€

Bottle filling with nitrox:

Price on request

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